Infos Corona pandemic

SPANGLER – the Plus of Partnership.

We maintain lasting and partnership-based relations with our customers and suppliers.

These values of our objectives are now, in times of the Corona pandemic, more important and more actual than ever before. Therefore, Spangler has started already early to introduce measures which should preserve the employees’ health. Within a very short period nearly all office working places were transferred to home office working places. Meetings, business trips and events were cancelled or carried out digitally as far as possible. The company was separated in different sections so that the infection chains could be broken.

Of course, you can reach all our persons in charge in the company in the well known manners.

In the fight against the spread of the virus Spangler tries to live up to its responsibility, not only for its employees, but also for the society and for its customers and partners. For them, we do our best to continue to maintain business operation with only as little restrictions as possible. As it is foreseeable that some of our employees have to face a loss of working fields due to the international logistics chains which are increasingly getting into trouble, Spangler decided to register short-time work for the company. This measure was taken to provide safe workplaces in the upcoming future.

During this difficult time Spangler is at its employees’, suppliers‘ and customers‘ side as a reliable partner!