Software for Industry 4.0

Software makes the world go round Nowadays software has become omnipresent in our life. By using bits and bytes even the biggest machines and plants can be controlled. SPANGLER made the first step towards industry 4.0 with a car supplier.

Synchronising production sites worldwide

SPANGLER Automation specifically developed a software system to use machine data more efficiently. The company manufactures pressed parts for the bodywork construction in different places in Europe. The aim was to balance output figures which strongly deviate to some extent.

Take decisions well-founded

The production parameters with expected times are transferred directly out of the customer´s ERP system to the individual machines which conduct the planned production data such as press strokes and necessary parameters in order to reflect the distribution of orders to the ERP system. By connecting the machines to the network, it is possible to take decisions in the company´s headquarter regarding process optimisation based on this data. By using this data collection concerning all shifts and production sites, SPANGLER Automation made the work transparent and thus optimised the capacity of the entire production site. As soon as strong deviations become obvious and the system recognises errors, a comprehensive emergency plan will be activated.

The future is now!

The new development was created in close cooperation with the customer so that this huge step towards industry 4.0 could be successful. SPANGLER implemented the requirements via programming and via15-inch touch control panels.