A safe home for your car

Space is scarce in cities. Where man and material reach their limits, machines can shine. These days, it is not unusual for machines to take over the parking procedure, allowing vehicles to be parked even in the tightest of spaces.

Precision and quality

SPANGLER has automated parking systems in several projects. Familiar values such as safety in accordance with Performance Level D or clear PC visualisation of the systems are just as much a matter of course as precise and fast parking. In particular the routing of cables to the system sensors, which are located quite some distance apart, means additional installation effort for our technicians. To achieve optimum functionality, SPANGLER also relies on modern technology such as WiFi component actuation.

Unseen servants

The parking procedure begins when the vehicle is driven into the delivery cabin. Following customer identification, the vehicle is measured by laser in order to determine whether or not it can be parked in the garage at all and whether it may require one of the higher parking lots. Depending on the result, the vehicle is accepted, turned and parked on one of several levels using a lifting platform. When the vehicle is required again, it is already facing the right way. The SPANGLER control system also allows later sorting of the stored vehicles to achieve better access times.

In-depth preparations for complex solutions

A major share of the work done by SPANGLER involves the conception of the logic, visualisation and commissioning of the complex control systems. Alongside the control system, SPANGLER also delivers a tablet PC and an application which can be used to query the load capacity status at all times.