Here, it's all about sausage

Be it meat or sausage, bread or cakes, seafood or jelly bears - in industrial food production, hygiene and precision are paramount. SPANGLER Automation has automated the manufacturing process for a manufacturer of meat and sausage products.

Compliance with international directives

At several locations, the company produces meat and sausage products for the German market and numerous export markets. Speed and flexibility determine the overall flow of control technology.

Dirt is taboo

Since the system is cleaned daily using chemical means, it must demonstrate a high degree of protection – IP69K in this case. All controls have been conceived with a hygienic design. Our technicians and programmers installed and commissioned the controller with consideration for all aspects of hygiene regulations.

Always a perfect fit

The challenge with this handling system is the exact positioning of the products at high speed. Optimal linkages create continuous production processes so that the production process can proceed at a steady pace without downtime.