Continuous gingerbread production

For a Nuremberg confectionery manufacturer, SPANGLER Automation updated an existing automatic control system with the latest components.

Sweets without a break

The company produces the famous Elisen gingerbread and other sweets. Production runs throughout the year with focus on the winter to buffer the high demand at Christmas time. During operation, we modernised an existing system controller with state-of-the-art components in several steps.

Software renewed

The existing automation technology from 2006 is from SPANGLER Automation, so our service team was able to draw on existing plans and thereby forgo an inventory. In the first step, we updated the software and user interface. The existing display remained unchanged.

Conveying on demand

In the second step, our programmers modernised the controller of a conveyor belt system. The system is now divided into five sections which can be controlled separately by radio. In this way, the flow of the conveyed material can be adjusted according to need depending on the processing at the end of the belt.