No grains, no dust particles

Patients, doctors and paramedics rely on the absolute purity of medical products. Sterility is therefore the basis for all products throughout the health sector. SPANGLER Automation has delivered the controller for a manufacturing plant, which can operate under the strictest clean room conditions.

Sensitive substances

Working with sterile products requires extremely sensitive and clean-functioning equipment. Even the slightest deviations in individual factors are sufficient to destroy the health-promoting elements of a drug. The system which was automated by us produces medical fluids in a strictly confidential process.

Protective guides

The manufacturer produces these fluids in a clean room or ultra-clean room. The cable connections between the production equipment and the controller modules alone are extremely complex to install because of the need to pull the cables through hermetically sealed aluminium guides.

Decentralised cabinets

The complete automation solution consists of twelve control cabinets which can also be locally controlled via three control points. This allows the large-volume control cabinet fields also be arranged outside the production line.