company-company-politics-spangler-automation Environment, safety and health

Our policy regarding environment, safety and health determines the operational principles and sets the framework for decisions, planning, determination of programmes and targets and their implementation.

Nature and Enviroment

  • Our company feels committed to the protection of the environment and the conservation of the natural resources water, air and soil. We prevent environmental pollution.
  • It is our aim to continuously improve the operational environmental protection as well as the safety and health at work.
  • We comply with laws and provisions.
  • We regularly analyse possible consequences of our location in respect to the environment and avoid pollutions and risks.


  • We eliminate hazards, minimize risks for the health and train our employees in a suitable way.
  • We regularly inform our employees and involve them in decision making processes. We practice a comprehensive individual training of our employees via our Spangler University.
  • We consequently work on a healthy working environment in order to strengthen our employees‘ health and to increase the quality of life in the social surroundings.
  • We understand a family-oriented management as part of our corporate culture and take this into account when creating our framework conditions.
  • We are a family-run company with tradition and prospects in order to act independently and with a long-term familiar collaboration.
  • Our attitude of a friendly and respectful partnership is a factor for our success. We have a flat hierarchy and our sense of community is profound.