Tomorrow's products with today's technology

Carbon is the magic word for a new, lightweight, tough automotive world. SPANGLER Automation has networked eight individual machines to form an ultra-modern facility on which our customer manufactures carbon fibre reinforced car body parts.


Networked machines for innovative products and solutions

New drive and comfort techniques are taking their toll: Cars are getting heavier. Modern materials such as CFRP make established components such as the body or chassis parts much lighter. The manufacturing process of CFRP components is complex and labour-intensive.  SPANGLER Automation has significantly shortened and simplified this with networked machines and automated processes.

Complete control from any point of view

The production line consists of eight individual machines. The central switch and control system controls processes such as resining and milling over different interfaces. A PC system with an integrated control system continually adapts the speed of the individual manufacturing processes to the other machines so that the quality remains constant, even during time-critical operations such as gluing. The system can be operated directly on the machine via several control points.

Know what’s going on – even if it’s already over

For high-tech systems, documentation is more than a basic need. At all important points, process data is collected, stored and subsequently evaluated. The complete production process can thereby be completely traced without effort – also retrospectively – which represents an important aspect of quality assurance.