Glass sand production in the Near East

There are around 3,500 kilometres between Germany and Azerbaijan. In the republic between the Caspian Sea and the Caucasus, we were involved in the construction of a processing plant for glass sand.

Absolutely pure quartz sand and a constant grain structure are the requirements for “crystal clear glass”. Even the smallest impurities can cause large variations in colour. In a complex process, the treatment plant processes the degraded good to quartz sand of the highest purity which is ready for production.

The plant was planned and manufactured according to customer needs without a PLC system. We installed a total of 1,600 relays, i.e. the logic was constructed by us step-by-step using hardware, and visualisation was achieved using a mimic diagram.

Sifting and classifying systems lead to enormous mechanical stress on the system. For this reason, the entire control technology was pooled in a separate electric container and installed away from the production flow.