competencies-pl-sil-spangler-automation Evaluation according to Machinery Directive

SPANGLER evaluates the electrical safety components according to DIN EN 13849 or DIN EN 62061. Thereby, the company supports its customers in the overall evaluation of their products according to Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

Every machinery and plant manufacturer is responsible for the safety of their products. Therefore, the Directive 2006/42/EG which is valid throughout Europe obliges every manufacturer to carry out a risk analysis of their products that defines a possible risk potential of the plant and its components. The norms DIN EN 13849 or DIN EN 62061 are sector-specific norms within the machinery directive and describe the related performance of the electrical controls.

SPANGLER supports its customers to implement the risk analysis for the respective plant conforming to standards. Thus SPANGLER programmes and parameterises safety controls of different manufacturers and supplies all certificates according to DIN EN 13849 or DIN EN 62601.

Together with the customer safety systems are selected and shutdown matrices are prepared, and the safety systems are validated, depending on the requirements also together with a testing institute. Thereby, SPANGLER supplies the customer with a complete package which helps to protect operator and machine against damage and impairment.