SCADA system of the superlatives in the Guinness Book of Records

In Bahr El Baqar (Egypt) the world’s largest solar drying plant for sewage sludge has been completed. We have delivered the electrotechnical control system for the hundred machines, which now turn and dry the sludge and convey it to containers.

We have connected 136 CPUs in a way that an efficient parametrisation and control of every single machine is possible so that the process with 128 sludge turners, 224 screw conveyors and 1152 ventilators work smoothly. The control technology consists of 192 control cabinets and 64 sub-distribution boxes. In addition, the network has a WLAN access, so that the machine can be controlled on site with a tablet.

A virtual simulation of the automatic drying tasks as well as the failure management enabled us to recognize
possible failures in advance and resolve them. This enabled a smooth start-up in Egypt.

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