Everything under control with SCADA Systems

Everything under control with SCADA Systems

SPANGLER – the Plus of Communication.

They are the electronic supervisors of machine controls, data flows and data security: the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems (SCADA). Therefore, the task of the SPANGLER programmers for process control systems is clearly defined: The control technical basis for the intelligent use of large data volumes and the linking of manufacturing and process machines.

A sophisticated process control system is the basis, especially for large industrial plants or multi-step processes. Such a system does not only control the data flow but also registers, records and evaluates the data. In this way, plant operators and operating engineers receive information about setting and performance values of the individual machine and manufacturing data, their maintenance status and the components which get close to their wear limit. “In this way the plants increase their productivity as less maintenance time is needed. In addition, the plants’ life expectancy rises,” Christian Brandmüller, Managing Director at SPANGLER, states. “SPANGLER has established a comprehensive pool of experience due to a large number of projects. Our programmers for process control systems work competently and professionally and are constantly in contact with various manufacturers.”

Message in case of risk 

Nevertheless, if there is an incident or even a hazardous situation, the system automatically triggers an alarm. Thereby, the alarm level depends on the gravity of the incident and ranges from a short text message to one or more recipients to the release of a red alert.

The scope of a process control system depends on the dimension of the elements and processes which must be controlled: As far as the hardware is concerned, everything is possible from a simple PC to the server operating system. Regarding software SPANGLER opts for products constructed modularly from FlowChief or SIEMENS – so that customers always receive the appropriate system.


Control system implemented in the food industry
Control room of a local waste water plant