Bavaria’s best automation specialist comes from Töging

Bavaria’s best automation specialist comes from Töging

SPANGLER – the Plus of apprenticeship.

The best graduates of apprenticeship were honoured by the Chamber of Handicrafts. One of them was an electronics technician from Töging.

The Chamber awarded 64 craftsmen and craftswomen from all East Bavaria with a certificate of honour for their excellent performance. Maximilian Beer is one of them. As electronics technician for automation, he completed his training at the medium-sized family company Spangler in Töging.

Good frame conditions during apprenticeship

Beer, who started his apprenticeship in 2018, was supported by the good conditions he found in his training company. Already at the beginning he was prepared for the apprenticeship in an intensive training. Regular changes in different departments as well as competent persons to contact are standard at Spangler. Thanks to this formula for success several excellent results could be achieved in the past. Regularly, the Töging company train excellent graduates in different apprenticeships.

Chamber win and state win

After winning the Chamber, things continued to be successful for Beer, because at the 71st performance competition of the German skilled trades at state level, he secured the state victory as one of 103 journeymen and women. And he was also able to prove his skills in the subsequent performance competition at national level and placed very well with a 4th place.

Handicraft with future

Now, Beer is working as a constructing engineer for the electrotechnical engineering of plants and plans plants of all sizes all over the world. “From hydrogen projects in the United States to regenerative drying plants in Egypt, there are always exciting projects”, he describes his working life. As a demanded and highly qualified expert he takes over responsibility for tomorrow’s technology.


Maximilian Beer together with the Neumarkt district administrator Willibald Gailler and Spangler authorized representative Thomas Zenk at the chamber winning ceremony