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05.02.2015 Visit of State Secretary Albert Füracker

From Töging around the world

State Secretary Albert Füracker gets himself informed about the everyday work with fast internet

Dietfurt, 5 February 2015 – ImportaTina Lambert, State Secretary Albert Füracker, Hannelore Spangler and Helmut Graspointnernt visit at the company SPANGLER: Albert Füracker, State Secretary in the Bavarian State Ministry of Finance, Regional Development and Regional Identity, visited the automation specialist in Töging. As Ms Spangler has been awarded the State Medal for extraordinary merits for the Bavarian economy in November 2014, the course of success of her company was reason enough for the politician, who is very devoted to his home region, to personally congratulate the Managing Director of SPANGLER Automation on behalf of the Ministry of Finance and Regional Identity.

State Secretary Albert Füracker: “Companies like SPANGLER Automation are the spine of our Bavarian economy. By commitment and innovations, the jobs are secured for the future. This is also and particularly important for the rural areas.


Developing the infrastructure
Albert Füracker took the chance to get himself informed about the current situation of the company, its employees and services. The three Managing Directors Hannelore Spangler, Tina Lambert, and Helmut Graspointner explained the international activities as well as the wide range of products and services of SPANGLER Automation and thus emphasized: Investments in the community and in the infrastructure are obligatory to enable modern technology companies to act worldwide even from a rural region.
Only a few weeks ago, SPANGLER set a good example by initiating the upgrading of fast internet in the area Dietfurt/Töging. The company depends on the transfer of large data volumes. Even entire software programs are sent, maintained, and adjusted or extended via the internet. “Furthermore, our customers can access our technical documentation from all over the world. This requires an adequate net capacity,” Helmut Graspointner explains the willingness of his company to even pay part of the upgrading in advance.

Fast internet: Helmut Graspointner, State Secretary Albert Füracker, Hannelore Spangler with programmer Christian KerschensteinerEnforcing education
This would be a reason for politics and economy to co-operate as well as for the ideas to set up a digital education net or to link the single regions or Ministries of Regional Identity. Tina Lambert further underlined that there is potential for improvement in the public education system as well. “With the current lack of experts, we definitely have to improve our vocational schools – both concerning the general education and the practical knowledge.” German, English, economical and social subjects should be part of the syllabuses together with digital technologies or tasks of the global economy. Certainly, the exchange of experts beyond the borders improves the situation, too.
State secretary Albert Füracker was very impressed by the company SPANGLER and definitely wants to continue to network with the economy and the local companies.


SPANGLER Automation engineers and plans the plant automation, programs the control technology and builds all the switch and control systems in the company. The family-run company based in Töging was founded by Franz Spangler 1981 and, today, employs about 130 people and carries out projects worldwide. The management of the company is a board consisting of the three family members Hannelore Spangler, Tina Lambert, and Helmut Graspointner.

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