Newsletter March 2016

Renewable energy

SPANGLER – the Plus of the Future.

Renewable energy is the future. Burkhardt, a company based in the Upper Palatinate town of Mühlhausen, has been pushing the boundaries of what is technically possible for years now with its innovative products.

SPANGLER undertakes the planning and engineering of control systems for CHPs and wood gasifiers for them. At the moment SPANGLER is predominantly manufacturing control systems for controlling the complex systems.

The principle of wood gasification is an old one. However, it is only since the advent of the pellet form – which is inexpensive and can be precisely portioned with concurrent high energy density – that this technology has experienced a renaissance. The combustible gases are removed from the timber through the application of high temperatures. These are then recovered in a CHP plant by driving a generator. This produces energy which is used for current feed. The thermal power generated during the operation of the internal combustion engines is used by Burkhardt who feed the heat into a district heating network.

At home in the Upper Palatinate

The two companies are close, both in terms of innovation and geography (in the Upper Palatinate). The focus of both companies on sustainable and robust business relations means that the projects always lead to good, fast results. To date, 140 plants have been constructed in this way and delivered all over Europe and even to Japan, with more projects on the horizon. For Account Manager Franz Achhammer this smooth cooperation is a reason to be happy: “SPANGLER and Burkhardt speak the same language: innovation. The demands placed on the SPANGLER solutions are not always straightforward. However, the feeling of changing something is very satisfying.“

Burkhardt: Wood gasifier
Burkhardt: Combined heat and power plant