State medal

State Medal for Frau Hannelore Spangler

Going ahead with the people

Taking responsibility in an exceptional situation, successfully leading a family-run technology company to an international reputation, andfurthermore continuously keeping an eye on the knowledge and well-being of her employees.
Staatsmedaille für besondere Verdienste um die bayerische Wirtschaft_2014_Hannelore Spangler

A trilogy sounding like squaring the cycle. Entrepreneurial reality for Hannelore Spangler, Managing Director of the SPANGLER Automation in Dietfurt. On 10 November 2014, the entrepreneur was awarded the State Medal for extraordinary merits for the Bavarian economy by the Bavarian State Minister Ilse Aigner.

Solidarity is strength

In 2003, after the sudden death of her husband and company-founder Franz Spangler, Hannelore Spangler took the lead of the business in the Altmühltal. Since then, she has made the SPANGLER GMBH to a specialist in automation and control systems with international reputation. The entire management of the company has further advanced the technology portfolio, gained ground in new markets and yet always kept an eye on a financial balance.

This story of success is bindingly united with the high human solidarity in the company. Hannelore Spangler looks back with gratitude: “This includes the social support in the family in this hard time eleven years ago as well as the loyalty of our employees.” And the way she speaks lets assume from where this loyalty comes. “We are a family-run company; our employees are members of the company family.” Practically, that means appraisal: When training young people, she does not focus primarily on only teaching the expert knowledge, but also on developing their personalities.

Developing personality

„Young people require the time to develop own ideas and the chances to make own experiences.” For the Managing Director, taking responsibility in good time is, therefore, as important as keeping the ball in later years. Therefore, SPANGLER Automation supports actively the master craftsman training, creates therewith future prospects and motivates the employees to a long-lasting company loyalty. Together with the Chamber of Crafts Regensburg, Hannelore Spangler launched the model of the block instruction at the local master school.

This attitude to care and the motivation of the employees is reflected among others in the SPANGLER fitness programme. Sports programs belong to this just as much as a healthy sustenance with food and drinks. Common activities in the company as well as in the spare time encourage communication, offers for the personal and financial security the individual self-determination of the employees. The economic success of SPANGLER Automation is based on the principal of this common strength: The customer takes centre stage as well as the employee. The company’s sportsmanship is the image of the continuous effort for new ways and solutions.

Everyone’s medal

The State Medal, grown to live 40 years ago, now makes the gaining of the entrepreneur publicly visible. And in the sense of Hannelore Spangler, the common strength is followed by the common honour. In an hour of celebration, she thanked every employee for the achievements and gave everyone a State Medal made of freshly baked gingerbread.


Automation projects and plans the plant automation, programs the control technology and produces all switch and control cabinets in their own works. The family business based in Töging, which was founded in 1981 by Franz Spangler, is employing about 130 people at present and oversees projects all around the world. The management of the company is in the hands of a three-member committee, which consists of the family members Hannelore Spangler, Tina Lambert and Helmut Graspointner.

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