New control technology for the special-purpose association

With a supply network of 450 kilometres, the Jachenhausen Group is one of the largest special-purpose water associations in Bavaria. We have upgraded the system control with state-of-the-art technology.

The supply area of the Jachenhausen special-purpose water association comprises eight municipalities in the three administrative districts. Water is obtained from six wells and a spring. It is treated in two water plants and stored in three elevated tanks.

We have rebuilt the complete control technology – from planning of the system, to manufacturing the control cabinets, through to programming of the control. Two independent process control systems, which are established at different locations, provide an overview of the entire system and enable complete control, as well as an overview of all technical information. In addition, data is still being exchanged with a neighbouring special-purpose association which creates an emergency stand-by.

We carried out all renovation and rehabilitation work during operation to always guarantee water supply.