Keeping it clean

Automated monitoring of sewage treatment plant

With the aim to monitor 17 pump stations to the sewage treatment plant Dietfurt a.d. Altmühl centrally and automatized, we have retrofitted a large remote maintenance system and implemented it into the existing control system of the sewage treatment plant.

Retrofit for sewage treatment plant

In the sewage treatment plant of the city of Bad Tölz the entire automation technology was brought up to the current technical standard. We have extended the remote maintenance, improved the speed and stability of the system and we ensured the reliable supply of spare parts.

Sewage sludge drying Bahr El Baqar

In Bahr El Baqar (Egypt) the world’s largest solar drying plant for sewage sludge has been completed. We have delivered the electrotechnical control system for the hundred machines, which now turn and dry the sludge and convey it to containers.

Sewage sludge drying Mannheim

Sewage sludge must not be used any longer as fertilizer; in dried form, however, it can be used very well as fuel. For this dewatering process there are special belt dryers. We programmed and produced the switch and control system for three belt drying streets.

Drinking water supply in Bavaria

With a supply network of 450 kilometres, the Jachenhausen Group is one of the largest special-purpose water associations in Bavaria. We have upgraded the system control with state-of-the-art technology.  

Reference examples from environmental technology