Hydrogen from eFarm

H-TEC SYSTEMS GmbH develops and builds electrolysers (PEM process), which convert green electricity with an efficiency of up to 95 % into hydrogen. We design, program and visualize the switch system with the control system and the process surface for this serial project.

With the new development of the process control the focus was put on safety as the gaseous hydrogen is highly explosive. Therefore, the safety performance category Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 2 was realized. This aims at finding and minimising possible risks for customers, plants and operators in advance. The mobile application of the electrolysers at different wind power plants requires an intuitively designed operation so that the operators can quickly learn the operation at various locations.

The three control panels were equipped with an IPC Beckhoff C6920 Twin Cat 3 which visualizes the plant and serves as interface for higher-level control systems. The Flow Chief control system takes over control, monitoring and evaluation.