service-training-learning-programme-spangler-automation-2020 Knowledge is power

Human knowledge determines the efficiency of the man - machine relationship. The training programme of SPANGLER Automation is, therefore, aimed at system manufacturers and operators. You either receive the short hint as fast help for self-help or a detailed basic training.

Since learning is as individual as each person themselves, we have aligned our support and our training programme accordingly. How exactly did that work with the soft starter? Our tutorials are short films and help at the control system on-site. You can find them as link on this page or directly on our YouTube channel.

For the basic training we offer both individual coaching and group training. We usually hold the training at our company but we are also happy to come to you. We have even trained operating staff at a sewage treatment plant in Oman, demonstrating that no distance is too far for us. Allow us to develop a custom training programme for you.

Adjusting the soft starter



Adjusting the current relay