Robust installation site equipment

Robust installation site equipment

SPANGLER – the Plus of Speed.

Concrete buckets bring large amounts of concrete from the truck mixers to the installation site. The Florian Eichinger GmbH located in Mühlhausen manufactures installation site equipment under the keywords “Robust.Orange.Eichinger” which enjoys an excellent reputation not only in Germany but also around the world.

Surface treatment at your option

SPANGLER received the order to modernise an existing circulation plant for surface treatment. A new control system with Siemens CPU S7-1515-2PN and a touch panel TP1500 as control box were delivered.

At the Florian Eichinger GmbH the welded silos are hung on a rail system circulating on the ceiling and thus automatically transported to the different processing steps. The plant operator decides on the surface treatment and selects the desired operation via a local control box. The selection is saved in the control system and the further transportation route is automatically specified.

Over the turn of the year

Upon customer request, SPANGLER carried out the exchange of the control during the company holidays at the turn of the year. As a first step the new parts of the mechanical engineering and sensor technology were cabled in parallel to ongoing operation. After the production stop, all control systems were professionally disassembled by our employees, the new control technology was installed and the systems engineering connected. Finally, for the start-up and production support a team of electricians, programmers and project managers were on site for several days.

Implementation according to plan

Thanks to the good preparation and cooperation of all people involved, the control processes could be optimised and thus an increase in productivity reached. The management of Florian Eichinger GmbH was pleased about improving the efficiency and thanked us for the very good planning and communication.


Concrete blocks hung on a circulating rail system before the surface treatment
Concrete buckets hung on a circulating rail system before the surface treatment
Florian Eichinger GmbH in Mühlhausen
Florian Eichinger GmbH in Mühlhausen