For the benefit of health

The production of pharmaceuticals is one of the most demanding industrial processes. We have contributed to this high standard with the control of a system in Israel for tablet production.

Tablets often have a special coating so that they do not already dissolve in the oral cavity. When producing these dragées, coating particles diffuse in the surrounding air. To improve working conditions, we have developed a control for an air filter system.

After the coating is applied, the process air is extracted under a vacuum. A special material hereby binds the finest dust particles in a filter. Sensors constantly monitor its capacity to dispose of any used material and to reapply new material using a dusting unit.

In addition to the switch and control system with a programmable logic controller and complete visualisation via touch panel, we set its sights on maximum system availability in this project. The operator can easily adjust all values on the plant. In addition, the system archives all data so that all batches of goods can be completely checked even after delivery.