Newsletter December 2021

Sewage sludge drying with High-End-Technology


SPANGLER – the Plus of energy generation.

Sewage sludge must not be used any longer as fertilizer in agriculture due to nitrate contamination. In dried form, however, it can be used as fuel, for example, for energy generation. For this reason, Stadtentwässerung Mannheim (urban drainage) modernizes the sewage sludge drying plant of its sewage treatment plant. Three belt dryers replace two existing drum dryers and thus at the same time expand the drying capacities.

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One video wall, four screens, full control


SPANGLER – the Plus of overview.

Spangler Automation has supported the Upper Bavarian municipality Burgkirchen on the Alz with the expansion and modernisation of its sewage treatment plant for more than 20 years. The latest project was about the exchange of the mimic diagram for the control of the plant stations by a video wall consisting of four LED screens. “With the existing static execution, new plants such as a combined heat and power plant or a sludge dewatering plant, cannot be added anymore “, Martin Müller, Sales Manager, reports.

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Facelift for sewage treatment plant


SPANGLER – the Plus of Progress.

Actually, it is already well equipped, the sewage treatment plant of Bad Tölz: it has several PLC controls and a control system, a screen plant and a sludge dewatering with subsequent solar drying. However, most of the components, among them the control units, are already between 15 and 20 years old – therefore, it is time to bring the plant up to the current technical standard, especially since spare parts are not available anymore.

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Digital goods logistics per App


SPANGLER – the Plus of Future.

The Software SEMA (Spangler Electronic Material Request) has already facilitated Spangler’s goods logistics for some years. The software has now been supplemented by the SEMA App for mobile devices to enable the electricians on the installation site to have access to our material supply. The development took just a couple of weeks; currently the employees are testing the app in the operative application.

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