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SPANGLER Company Trip 2019


On a rotating basis, the SPANGLER company trip and the health day take place.

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Research and Development Congress in Munich


This year’s bayme vbm research and development congress made it clear: Artificial intelligence, robotics and digital engineering are the crucial issues of the future development of the metal and electrical industry.

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25.09.2018 SPANGLER Career Evening

The Career-Evening team excitedly expected its guests

SPANGLER Career Evening

Addressing potential qualified employees – this was the aim of SPANGLER Automation. At the career evening on Tuesday the automation specialists presented the advantages of a middle-sized family-run company.

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19.10.2018 SPANGLER honoured for globetrotter with courage

Trainees should also go abroad –SPANGLER honoured for globetrotter with courage

SPANGLER receives the reward for entrepreneurs “Training without borders“ in front of top-class audience at the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy in Berlin

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Panel discussion IHK Committee Neumarkt


The Regensburg-based Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) for Upper Palatinate / Kelheim celebrated its 175th anniversary – to mark this jubilee Michael Matt as new IHK president welcomed representatives of the regional economy, politics and administration at a reception in the Klostersaal of the Protestant center in Neumarkt.

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Oktoberfest dumplings from Neumarkt and digitalisation from Töging


Just in time for the Munich beer festival 2018 SAT1 Bavaria visited Burgis GmbH, the specialist for dumplings

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03.09.2018 Knowledge as raw material of the future


Knowledge as raw material of the future

On 3rd September 2018 nine apprentices start their apprenticeship as electronics technician specialised in automation technology and as administrative assistant at SPANGLER in Töging. As wanted driver of digitalisation the young people will receive much attention.

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Save the Date – SPANGLER Career Evening


Be our VIP at our Career Evening and follow the „Walk of Career“
Our yellow carpet will guide you through the blockbusters of our company.

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Royal reception for IFAT

SPANGLER Automation IFAT 2018 (14)

Within the framework of the international trade fair for wastewater technology (IFAT) SPANGLER invited customers to the evening reception.

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Interview “Women in leadership positions”


Our Managing Director Tina Lambert was interviewed about the topic “Women in leadership positions” in the “Wirtschaftstreff Bayern”.

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Your chance! Join the SPANGLER Apprentice Team 2018!


We look for an apprentice as an office clerk (m/f), optionally with foreign language certificate English:

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15.12.2017 Christmas celebration with honours


All challenges mastered thanks to flexible employees

Töging/Mallerstetten Festive Christmas celebrations at the Töging-based automation specialists of SPANGLER. No less than 16 employees celebrated a company jubilee and were honoured with some personal words at the Christmas celebrations.

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24.10.2017 Feierabend Empfang – Calculus in everyday life and in the game

Ms Spangler and Mister_Kalhammer Spangler customer event

Poker coach gives advices to SPANGLER customers for safe decisions

Dietfurt/Töging 24 October 2017 – Making decisions is a daily aspect of a company’s operations. Compared to a private person she or he is not doing it for herself/himself but in terms of their company. Responsibility and risk are often equally high.

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Grit conditioning in hot Iran


SPANGLER – the Plus of Perspective.

Glass is one of the most adaptable materials of today. There are innumerable fields of application from sheet glass to glasses and hotplate.

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Investment in the right direction


SPANGLER – the Plus of Data Processing.

The community Beilngries has always given attention to energy and cost efficiency since the construction of the municipal waste water treatment plant.

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Laminating plastic is an art


SPANGLER – the Plus of Technology.

A modern vehicle consists of several thousand parts; many of them, in particular in the interior, are made of plastic.

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Control for a waste water treatment plant in Kuwait


SPANGLER – the Plus of Internationality.

In the course of the extension of the waste water treatment plant Sulaibiya for HUBER SE, a worldwide operating company in the areas of water treatment, waste water treatment and sludge treatment, SPANGLER was assigned to carry out the control technology for the screen plant and the grit and grease trap.

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Bavarian Order of Merit

Klein-Hannelore Spangler gemeinsam mit Ministerpräsident Seehofer

Mrs. Hannelore Spangler was awarded the Bavarian Order of Merit as recognition of “[…] outstanding contributions to the Free State of Bavaria and the Bavarian people.”

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Key note speaker at Siemens AG


Annually, top managers from the regions around the world meet to learn about new innovations and vote on current themes at the Excellence Conference of the entity Factory Automation of Siemens AG.

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Machinery Directive


Every machinery and plant manufacturer is responsible for the safety of their products.

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Investment in the future

Software solution for medium-sized companies

SPANGLER – the Plus of Software Solutions

PLC programming is SPANGLER’s speciality but the company can also hold a lot of experience in the programming of individual software.

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Step by step


SPANGLER – the Plus of Flexibility.

Modernising a manufacturing process whilst the production is running is always a challenging task. SPANGLER Automation accomplished such a project for Knorr-Bremse AG, an internationally-active manufacturer of brake systems for rail and commercial vehicles.

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Making one out of four

Sales Manager Hubert Rackl on site

SPANGLER – the Plus of Digitalisation.

Mühlhausen is a municipality in Upper Palatinate, about 15 kilometres south of Neumarkt. It comprises of 21 districts. SPANGLER has been commissioned to equip two sewage plants and a waterworks with modern and up-to-date control systems for this growing municipality, and to adapt the systems to the requirements of digitalisation.

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You live and learn

SPANGLER Key Account Manager in South America

SPANGLER – the Plus of Training.

It takes up to 22 hours for SPANGLER employees to travel to a customer, for example in South America. However, the journey of a customer to our company also takes a lot of time.

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Water Meeting in Landshut on 26 and 27 April 2017


SPANGLER presents itself at the Southern and Eastern Bavarian Water Meeting in Landshut.

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Your chance! Increase the SPANGLER Trainee Team 2017!

We are looking for a Trainee Electrician for Automation Technology (m/f) to fill another position.

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25.11.2016 With family thinking to success


SPANGLER GMBH awarded for family-friendly corporate policy

Dietfurt/Töging, 25 November 2016 – SPANGLER GMBH in Töging is among the 20 most 

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Buying distribution cabinets online


With the web-based tool EasyPanel customers are able to easily configure distribution cabinets themselves. The professional manufacturing including testing and the complete documentation according to DIN EN 61439 is carried out by SPANGLER.

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Intelligent industry


The Neumarkt Chamber of Industry and Commerce (CIC) Committee discussed the path to digitalization at SPANGLER in Töging.

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Self-sufficiency pays off


SPANGLER – the Plus of Future.

The main wastewater treatment plant in Vienna intends to cover its entire energy demand with self-produced sewage gas by the year 2020 as wastewater treatment plants belong to the biggest local energy consumers. Therefore, the operating company started the project E_OS

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Automation made transparent

SPANGLER Automation Day 2016

SPANGLER – the Plus of Communication.

Current developments and future challenges were the focus of this year’s SPANGLER Automation Day which was organised by SPANGLER together with suppliers and partner companies on 14 September. About 40 guests

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Order makes life easier

SPANGLER 3D graphics macros

SPANGLER – the Plus of Innovation.

The best ideas, the largest volumes of data, the most sophisticated structures are of little use if you cannot understand them or hardly find them again within the system. Therefore, SPANGLER Automation has used the system EPLAN for years to plan projects, to visualise designs and to arrange production and

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Strong together


SPANGLER – the Plus of Reliability.

A close cooperation with a strong partner is very important to be able to use the technological progress and the innovations in the automation and propulsion technology for the benefit of the customers. Since 2009 SPANGLER Automation has therefore been a certified member in the Siemens Solution Partner Program.

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From 600 to 1,600 square meters


To make space shortages a thing of the past, SPANGLER is planning to extend the manufacturing area from 600 to 1,600 square meters. The construction of the new manufacturing building is to be completed by the end of next year.

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Flow monitoring - Clamped on and recognized the leakage


A lingering loss of water in the piping system is the fear of every water system caretaker.

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01.08.2016 Azubi-Info-Tag (Trainee-Info-Day) at SPANGLER

Visitors try out electrical components

 Insight into the exciting world of automation engineering

Dietfurt/Töging, 22 July 2016 – automation, digitalisation, industry 4.0 – these catchphrases are on everyone’s lips and make a splash over the media landscape. School-leavers who are interested in these topics are able to take a look at the basics at SPANGLER GmbH in Töging.

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Keeping things clean

Activated carbon filter system, Ihrlerstein

SPANGLER – the Plus of Quality.

The Jachenhausen Group is an administration union which supplies drinking water to around 15,000 residents in the administrative districts of Lower Bavaria, Upper Bavaria and Upper Palatinate. At the end of 2015, the association expanded their Ihrlerstein waterworks and equipped it with an activated carbon filter system

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Electronic diary

Operation of the new FlowChief control system

SPANGLER – the Plus of Topicality.

The health resort of Bodenmais is one of the leading tourism regions within the Bavarian Forest, and is located in direct proximity to the Bohemian Forest and the border to the Czech Republic. At the beginning of 2016, SPANGLER Automation installed and adapted the new process control system for the local sewage treatment plant.

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Home match

SPANGLER control system sewage treatment plant Neumarkt

SPANGLER – the Plus of Efficiency.

A modification of the sewage system was on the agenda in the Upper Palatinate district town of Neumarkt. Huber SE in Berching, an internationally active specialist for water and wastewater treatment, had installed a two-line screen plant for the pre-treatment of the wastewater, and SPANGLER Automation supplied the

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Live-cell therapy

Control system with new evaluation units

SPANGLER – the Plus of Advancement.

In 1999/2000, the Verband (Association) Penzberg south of Lake Starnberg received a new sewage treatment plant. At the end of 2015, a renovation was due after 15 years of operation without problems. SPANGLER Automation updated the existing measurement technology and evaluation units to accord with state of the art technology.

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Information day for trainees


SPANGLER opens its doors for all interested career starters again this year. On 30 July 2016 from 9 to 12 young people and their parents have the chance to get

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„I mog di“ – Bavarian evening at the IFAT fair 2016


With commitment organized SPANGLER the now traditional evening at the hotel Prinzregent in Munich with regard to the IFAT fair 2016.

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26.04.2016 "Cycle to work" AOK opening event at SPANGLER


Cycle to work: already starting in May

The cycling season begins and hence the event “Cycle to work”. This year the starting signal takes place at the company SPANGLER in Töging. The company has 130 employees of which a group of about 20 colleagues regularly participates in the AOK-event for years.

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Representative participation in honorary role


SPANGLER – the Plus of Responsibility.

SPANGLER CEO Helmut Graspointner has been elected to the executive board of the Bavarian Umweltcluster [environmental cluster].

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Clean water


SPANGLER – the Plus of Safety.

Jordan is one of the most arid countries in the world. The once mighty river Jordan is now just a narrow creek. The demand for water is too large in the countries upstream. Steadily growing population figures and the climate change are stifling hopes of a rapid improvement in the situation.

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Renewable energy


SPANGLER – the Plus of the Future.

Renewable energy is the future. Burkhardt, a company based in the Upper Palatinate town of Mühlhausen, has been pushing the boundaries of what is technically possible for years now with its innovative products.

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As clear as daylight


SPANGLER – the Plus of Development.

SPANGLER is currently booming, especially with regard to the area of renewable sun and wind energy. In this respect, a completely new development in Canada has just been installed.

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Industry 4.0 - A revolution within the economy

SPANGLER-Automation-News-Industrie 4.0 II

Although the topic Industry 4.0 has been developed since 2011, there is already great potential for companies. In many places this arises the question if it also offers interesting chances for their own businesses. SPANGLER is already a step ahead.

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Helmut Graspointner in the managing executive board of Umweltcluster Bayern


SPANGLER managing director Helmut Graspointner has been elected to the executive board of Umweltcluster Bayern.

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Double is better


SPANGLER – the Plus of Safety.

The mining of metal ores is a cleaning-intensive process. Take, for example, the large, open-pit Cerro Verde mine near the Peruvian city of Arequipa. The copper mine, first worked in the mid-19th century, is being modernised and expanded.

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Controlled influx


SPANGLER – the Plus of Accuracy.

The Central WWTP Chemnitz receives several deliveries of faecal matter from the surrounding villages every day. Fees must be paid according to the amount and composition of the faecal mass, paid by the waste management company per load.

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All about the potato


SPANGLER – the Plus of Reliability.

The Neumarkt-based German company Burgis GmbH processes around 28,000 tonnes of potatoes a year for their potato specialities which are meanwhile nationally famous. Burgis relies in this respect on a high-quality, regional commodity from Bavaria.

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Accelerated pickling bath


SPANGLER – the Plus of Retrofitting.

Stainless-steel processing requires a clean surface. To achieve this, machined stainless steel is usually pickled in acid baths. All ferritic particles and the weld heat tinting are removed

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Success at the trade fair


SPANGLER – the Plus of Energy Management.

The conscious use of energy saves resources, reduces costs and creates a good image. The basis for this is making the energy flow visible and thereby ensuring that distribution and usage can be controlled.

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Reaching for the sun - Phlegonmover Meeting


Customers from Toronto, Munich, Passau and Töging caught up on the newest developments of the backtracking system of Phlegonsolar.

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Bienvenido en la ciudad de México


On-site customer service – three representatives of SPANGLER were allowed to accompany customers to the sales meeting Latin America & Caribbean for one week.

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What is electric current? – SPANGLER at the children university


On 29 October 2015 this year’s children university took place for pupils from the first to fourth class in the

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Customer survey – record participation


Under strict control and with the help of “lucky fairy” Marina, the happy winners of this year’s customer survey competition have been found out.

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10.08.2015 Kids Day at SPANGLER

SPANGLER Kids Day at SPANGLER group image

Family friendliness as affair of the heart

The children of the employees together with their chaperon visited the company on the Kids Day. The kids experienced not only an exciting program but also and especially a visit at mummy´s or daddy´s place of work.

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SPANGLER apprentices have done a strong graduation

SPANGLER Nicole and Karina

We congratulate our graduates Karina and Nicole. The two office clerks with the additional qualification as Foreign Language Correspondent

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Serving the wind energy sector

Manufacturing concrete segments for wind turbines, Osterrönfeld; Source: Max Bögl Wind AG

SPANGLER – the Plus of Efficiency.

In Osterrönfeld, near Rendsburg in Schleswig-Holstein, directly on the Kiel Canal, the Max Bögl group has built a new production facility for concrete shells and concrete rings, from which System Max Bögl hybrid towers can be used to make wind turbines.

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A visionary product

EasyPanel distribution cabinet

SPANGLER – the Plus of e-commerce.

Building distribution cabinets is a task reliant on the innate expertise of the electrician, but their everyday work often means that they don’t have time for this time-consuming job. Now SPANGLER Automation can also help in this case, as the company has acquired the licence for Easy Panel, a web-based software program for distribution-cabinet configuration.

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Fair long-term business relations

Visualisation Water treatment plant Burgkirchen

SPANGLER – the Plus of Constancy.

Confidence is the basis for a successful long-term partnership. SPANGLER is interested in building such partnerships and therefore, the company clearly stands up for this aim in its mission statement “SPANGLER – the Plus of Partnership.”.

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Ideas are in demand

Icon newsletter-Open Innovation-SPANGLER-Automation

SPANGLER – the Plus of Innovation.

Being active is the key to good health. This old piece of popular wisdom is still true nowadays, and not only in terms of your health. Remaining active is also required for exploring new ideas and solutions.

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Enjoy service and benefits

The success of SPANGLER profit-participation rights

SPANGLER – the Plus of Success.

Holding shares in the company, being actively involved in its success and at the same time being part of it. It was from this perspective that SPANGLER introduced profit-participation rights for its employees in 2011 –

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Hannelore Spangler at the 2015 Family Spring in Friedrichshafen

amlienFrühling Zeppelin Universität SPANGLER AUTOMATION Website

On 24 and 25 April 2015 family entrepreneurs from all over Germany met like-minded people, students and scientists for an intergenerational dialogue

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EasyPanel – the online pedestal configurator

With EasyPanel it is now possible to configure pedestals (for the distribution of energy in buildings) according to individual needs and requirements.

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Bayern Digital

SAT1 Bayern Spangler Automation

`BAYERN DIGITAL` is the strategy developed by the Bavarian government to become a leading region in digital revolution. Furthermore, parts of this strategy are the extension of research and development.

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SPANGLER Software for Industry 4.0


SPANGLER – the Plus of Customer Benefits.

SPANGLER Automation has developed a software system for the more efficient use of machine data for a supplier to the automotive industry. The company produces pressed parts for bodywork construction, in a plant in Hungary amongst other places. The aim was to balance out production figures which were in some cases widely divergent. 

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Treatment Plant Makes Sewage Sand Usable


SPANGLER – the Plus of Sustainability.

In the past year, the city of Frankfurt has added a treatment plant for sewage sand to one of its waste water treatment plants in the Niederrad district. SPANGLER Automation designed and installed the switchgears for this, as well as the lighting and monitoring system. The new plant was put into operation at the end of 2014.

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Biogas by iPad


SPANGLER – the Plus of the Future.

In a record period of seven months (May to December 2014), SPANGLER achieved the automation of a new biogas plant in Dessau – from detailed engineering to SPS programming, control system creation, production, complete installation and finally commissioning. In addition to the planning and project development of twelve

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Bavarian State Medal for Hannelore Spangler


SPANGLER – the Plus of Care.

Whether it is the wishes of the customers or the welfare of the employees – people are always at the focus for Hannelore Spangler. The Managing Director of SPANGLER Automation has received a lot of recognition for, on this basis, successfully positioning the family company on the international stage, constantly opening up new market opportunities,

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SPANGLER Automation with a New Website


SPANGLER – the Plus on the Internet.

Since the start of March, the website of SPANGLER Automation has had a new design and new contents. The most important are: under the heading “Projects”, the company presents reports from every sector whose solutions and processes

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05.02.2015 Visit of State Secretary Albert Füracker

Tina Lambert, State Secretary Albert Füracker, Hannelore Spangler and Helmut Graspointner

From Töging around the world

State Secretary Albert Füracker gets himself informed about the everyday work with fast internet

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A good tradition: Reception at the IFAT

SPANGLER – the Plus of Hospitality.

7th May 2014, Messe München (Munich Trade Fair Centre), Hall Prinzregent, 18.00 hrs: The Bavarian reception with SPANGLER Automation is a fixed date within the scope of the biennial IFAT. A relaxed meeting without an official programme, and informal discussions along with live music and Bavarian delicacies.

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Occupational safety below ground

SPANGLER – the Plus of Safety.

Work underground does not only mean mining. The drilling of underground pipes is no less strenuous than mining mineral resources; as with conventional tunnel drilling machines with so called “open shields” the machine operator sits directly in the drill head. Only there do they have a full overview, however they are exposed to high temperatures, dust or even flying particles from the degraded ground.

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Safety for the foodstuffs industry

SPANGLER – the Plus of Hygiene.

The framework conditions of the foodstuffs industry are extremely demanding: the handling of foodstuffs requires absolute hygiene and precision, and the industrial mass production stipulates reliability and safety.

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Management circle expanded

SPANGLER – the Plus of Continuity.

It was made official on 1st January 2014: Tina Lambert has been appointed to the Management of SPANGLER GMBH as of the beginning of the year. The daughter of Hannelore and Franz Spangler has been engaged in the family business for ten years now, and is responsible for the areas of Purchasing, Marketing and Public Relations, and subjects to do with strategic corporate development.

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TIA Portal: New solutions for Siemens platform

SPANGLER – the Plus of Reliability.

SPANGLER Automation has systematically prepared itself for the use of the new engineering platform by Siemens. Since 2009, the Dietfurt software specialists have systematically inspected the TIA (Totally Integrated Automation) portal in its application as a beta tester and orientated this to customer requirements.

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Umweltcluster Bavaria

A meeting between the board of management and the advisory board of Umweltcluster Bayern was held in Töging. Helmut Graspointner welcomed all members of the two committees, as well as the managing director, Dr. Claudia Reusch and cluster spokesperson and chairman of the board of management, Mr. Reinhard Büchl.

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State prize and then what?

Congratulations! Laura has successfully completed her apprenticeship with top marks in both her vocational school leaving certificate and her exam. And what next?

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Dual study at SPANGLER

Since October, dual students at SPANGLER have been back in the lecture hall instead of the office. Having completed his apprenticeship at SPANGLER with distinction, Christoph is now studying Applied Computer Science at the University of Deggendorf. Markus is already in his third semester of Business Studies in Regensburg. We hope the “dualis” have a lot of fun back in the classroom.

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SPANGLER graduation dinner

On Sunday, it was that time again! The management and our training supervisor could duly celebrate the fantastic grades of our SPANGLER graduates. Parents and partners also accepted the invitation to lunch together in Holzhaus near Grögling.

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Duck race: Lions Club Beilngries

Our sponsor duck here on the outer right of the “group picture” did not win first place, but it was definitely among the top 10! “And it was the most beautiful one, anyway!

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Christmas presents for the refugees in Dietfurt

SPANGLER employees hand over presents

Exceptional idea of the staff Christmas donation

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State Medal for Frau Hannelore Spangler

Going ahead with the people

Taking responsibility in an exceptional situation, successfully leading a family-run technology company to an international reputation, and

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05.08.2014 SPANGLER discussing Internationality

Interview with Luis Moscardi and Hannelore Spangler

The Plus of Internationality becomes more and more important at SPANGLER Automation.  

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SPANGLER smooths the career start for school-leavers

To work against declining trainee figures, the company approaches school leavers.

„At different stations in the house we want to show the teenagers and their parents who we are and what we train”, said Cornelia Hofmann to give a summary of the day.

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Europass Awards

At the Europass Awards in Frankfurt (Oder), global mobility partners and posting companies came together alongside former and future international interns.

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