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12.03.2024 Ceremonial completion of apprenticeship for two female electricians and three male electricians.

There were beaming faces at the graduation certificate ceremony in Weiden.

Töging, 12.03.2024. With five talented electronic technicians, a new generation of electronics experts has finished their apprenticeships. These young professionals have completed their training with outstanding achievements and are starting their careers in the exciting and ever-evolving world of electrical engineering.

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21.11.2023 Spangler honours long-time employees


November 21, 2023, Töging. In a special ceremony, Spangler Automation honored 16 deserving and long-time colleagues for their years of employment.

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22.11.2023 SPANGLER KIDS DAY 2023: Family-friendly workplaces in practice


November 21, 2023, Töging. Today, the family-owned Spangler GmbH in Töging held the first Spangler Kids Day in a new version, a forward-looking initiative that provided the youngest family members with a unique insight into their parents’ working world.

Because of the school holiday on which parents still had to fulfill their professional duties, SPANGLER decided to take care of their employees’ children for half a day. The Spangler Kids Day has taken place several times in the past and was created not only to offer the children a special event during their time off school but also to allow them to get to know their parents’ workplace in a relaxed environment.

Family as a Success Factor

With the Kids Day, the management of Spangler GmbH emphasizes their strong commitment to balancing work and family life, which has already earned them an award as a family-friendly company from the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth. The campaign offers children the opportunity to see their parents from a new perspective and shows how much the company places the value of family at its core. The Spangler Kids Day 2023 began with a warm welcome to the 22 participating children, followed by a group photo and an entertaining introduction game that allowed the youngsters to get to know each other better. The enthusiastic kids were then allowed to prepare a healthy breakfast with the Spangler team. In this way, the day started with fun and a sense of community.

The Highlight – Safe Handling of Electricity

The day’s highlight was undoubtedly the fascinating experiments with homemade battery figures, led by Maria Pfaller and Antonia Aita, who are currently doing an apprenticeship as electronics technicians in automation and systems technology. Like in the real working world, the findings were checked and then recorded. This practical learning emphasizes Spangler’s commitment to promoting education, especially in the natural scientific field. Cornelia Hofmann, a member of the management team, affirms the company’s commitment to equality and diversity: “We are particularly proud to have two young women as trainees in the electronics sector who could provide exciting insights to the children today. At Spangler, there are no limits to career choice!” Monika Ruppert organized the Spangler Kids Day on behalf of the management and was supported in the implementation by a total of six committed apprentices.

Inspiring the Professionals of the Future

The Spangler Kids Day concluded with a highlight as the children visited their parents’ workplaces and gained a first insight into their daily work life. This initiative underscores Spangler’s goal of not only showing appreciation to the parents but also introducing the children to their possible workplace of tomorrow.



22 kids and the Spangler team at Spangler Kids Day.
Workplace exploration in manufacturing.
Insights in the daily work.
22 kids could visit their mum or dad at their working places.
Done, the workplace has been successfully inspected and taken over.


















































SPANGLER Automation employs around 150 people at its headquarters in Töging in the Altmühl valley and has been a reliable partner of the national and international mechanical and plant engineering for more than 40 years. More than half of the plants produced are exported worldwide. The medium-sized family-run company plans and engineers plant automation, programs the control technology and manufactures switch and control systems for various sectors such as environmental technology, agricultural economy, building industry, food industry, automobile industry, raw materials industry as well as renewable energies. Moreover, SPANGLER carries out the start-up and the after-sales service of the plants.


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25.07.2023 Donation to Fire Service Töging


Töging, 25.07.2023. Spangler‘s electrical expertise met grateful takers at the Volunteer Fire Department Töging

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17.03.2023 Get-together of retirees


Dietfurt, 17.03.2023. Thirteen retired employees met at Spangler for the first get-together of retirees. For some of them it was the first visit of the company after their retirement.

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07.12.2022 Solidarity over the years

Solidarity over the years

Dietfurt, 07.12.2022. Spangler Automation thanked 17 employees for many years of service to the company. Some of those honoured have been with the company for up to 25 years.

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27.09.2022 East Bavaria’s best automation specialist comes from Töging


Dietfurt, 27.09.2022. The best graduates of apprenticeship were honoured by the Chamber of Handicrafts Lower Bavaria and Upper Palatinate. One of them was an electronics technician from Töging.

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20.10.2021 With Spangler for more than 40 years


SPANGLER – the Plus of experience.

Sixteen employees were honoured for long employment at Spangler. 

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01.04.2021 A little humility is never wrong


Hannelore Spangler-Schäfer transfers management to the next generation

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07.12.2020 Honour for long-term employees in new rooms


Töging, 26.11.2020 – Although the company’s Christmas party had to be cancelled, the mood at Spangler Automation is not clouded.

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02.09.2020 Start of apprenticeship 2020


Dietfurt/Töging, 02.09.2020 – With the new apprentices Spangler consequently takes care for its own young trainees.

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30.07.2020 Honours for apprentices


Dietfurt/Töging, 29.07.2020 – Two apprentices have finished their apprenticeship at Spangler with a honoration ceremony for especially good performances at vocational school.

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05.12.2017 network event Altmühl-Jura


When washing machines order powder themselves – Industry 4.0 at SPANGLER Automation

On 2017-12-05 the last in a series of four network events for regional management in Altmühl-Jura took place at SPANGLER Automation in Töging, attracting a good 60 participants.

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26.04.2017 SPANGLER Fleet Management

SPANGLER Automation Fleet Management Software Solution

SPANGLER Software puts the fleet on solid grounds

Dietfurt/Töging, 26. April 2017 – Controlling big plants with software is the speciality of SPANGLER Automation in Töging. Over the long term SPANGLER wants to offer customer-tailored software aside from machine control. Recently, a new self-programmed software was brought onto the market, the Fleet Management.

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18.10.2016 Vote for Europe


Hannelore Spangler as envoy in the European Parliament of Enterprises

Dietfurt/Töging, 18 October 2016 – On 12 and 13 October German companies had the opportunity to present their region and sector in the European Parliament and deal with politically relevant issues. This year Hannelore Spangler, the entrepreneur from Dietfurt, was a member of the delegation which travelled to Brussels on behalf of the Chamber of Crafts of Lower Bavaria/Upper Palatinate. 96 German entrepreneurs in total took part in the “European Parliament of Enterprises”, twelve of them were from Bavaria.

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07.09.2016 Framework contract between SPANGLER and HUBER


Today for a closer cooperation tomorrow.

Dietfurt/Töging, 07 September 2016 – On 07 September 2016 the Upper Palatine company invited its employees

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