Consistent quality

Bodywork construction

Software makes the world go round Nowadays software has become omnipresent in our life. By using bits and bytes even the biggest machines and plants can be controlled. SPANGLER made the first step towards industry 4.0 with a car supplier.

Parking systems

Space is scarce in cities. Where man and material reach their limits, machines can shine. These days, it is not unusual for machines to take over the parking procedure, allowing vehicles to be parked even in the tightest of spaces.

Test bed construction

Modern production machines are high-precision long-distance runners: The requirements on dimensional accuracy and reproducible precision are constantly increasing. For many years, SPANGLER has been automating a variety of test beds in several industries.

CFRP manufacturing plant

Carbon is the magic word for a new, lightweight, tough automotive world. SPANGLER Automation has networked eight individual machines to form an ultra-modern facility on which our customer manufactures carbon fibre reinforced car body parts.  

Reference examples from the automobile industry