Customer Training with depth

Customer Training with depth

SPANGLER – the Plus of safety.

Anyone who works in enclosed rooms of waste water treatment plants may be exposed to many underestimated hazards. These must be identified at an early stage so that accidents do not occur at all. From the equipment to entry protection and hazards from gases or oxygen deficiency. In order to ensure our employees‘ safety, Spangler regularly carries out safety trainings. 

Its customers, like for example staff at sewage treatment plants, as well are faced with these challenges and must yearly take part in a training in order to be allowed to carry out necessary work in shafts for example. This led to the idea to invite the customers for this safety training.

Safety training ‘Access in enclosed rooms of waste water treatment plants’
In cooperation with the company Krapp Technologie from Hilpoltstein, which has been a partner as regards safety trainings for Spangler for long time, this professional training was organized. Mr Krapp explained and showed with practical exercises the correct use of protection and rescue equipment. On the one hand in order to avoid accidents, on the other hand to quickly and safely react in the case of a fall, injury or rescue.  Particularly interesting for works at the sewage treatment plant was the proactive approach at work in hazardous atmospheres. The right handling of measuring devices for the free release measurement in case of gas hazards, like Ex-Methane, carbon dioxide/carbon monoxide or the measurement of the oxygen content is lifesaving. Not least, Mr Krapp also emphasized the responsibility of every person involved as regards the right application of devices, the correct use of safety equipment as well as the check of the site of operation. Basically, workers who are well prepared and trained and who use the right, intact equipment, can avoid many dangers.

Personal exchange of experience
During the lunch together and the subsequent tour of the company, the first feedback could be obtained.   “It is similar to First Aid courses. Even if you have done these courses before – you nevertheless forget important procedures again and again “, was many customers’ feedback “Today I was made aware of many risks again. In everyday life you tend to ignore them “, another participant explained. “The safety with working in enclosed rooms is of high priority for us, as our employees and customers are regularly confronted with it “, explained Andreas Amler, Manager Service & Installation and organizer of this training. “Therefore, we are glad to offer these safety trainings and that the response was very positive “, Amler continued. For Spangler this was a successful start for future repeating training sessions. If you are interested, please feel free to get in contact with us. Just click the following link and we will inform you well in advance of the next training:


Zufriedene Teilnehmer der Sicherheitsunterweisung
Satisfied participants of the safety training
Verdrahtungstechnik zum Anfassen beim Firmenrundgang
Wiring technology to touch during tour of the company
Praxisnahe Sicherheitsübungen für den Schachteinstieg
Practical safety training for shaft access