Digital goods logistics per App

Digital goods logistics per App

SPANGLER – the Plus of Future.

The Software SEMA (Spangler Electronic Material Request) has already facilitated Spangler’s goods logistics for some years. The software has now been supplemented by the SEMA App for mobile devices to enable the electricians on the installation site to have access to our material supply. The development took just a couple of weeks; currently the employees are testing the app in the operative application.

Ordered by smartphone

The handling is very simple: when required only the QR code of the material needed is scanned; the same applies for all other order data, such as place of delivery or project number. After that, the delivery is initiated per e-mail or via VPN. „The limited process steps reduce the error rate and make the order process quick and safe, “says programmer Daniel Rengnath. Furthermore, all data are archived and can be retrieved as often as required.

Focusing on the future

Currently, Spangler is working on a SEMA App for Windows tablets to make it usable for manufacturing employees as well. „As a next step, we would like to handle the inventory of our assembly material via this app, too. “, the programmer looks further into the future. A welcome side effect: the Spangler team has intensely dealt with the
MAUI-platform in this connection
This is a code base for the programming of the app, which is used for all mobile operation systems, such as Android, Apple IOS or even for MacOS. This is another advantage for our customers who we can offer the programming of apps and QR codes with the latest state of the art.


Efficient goods logistics at SPANGLER








Mobile use of the QR code of the components