Manufacturing on demand

Manufacturing on demand

SPANGLER – the Plus of Recording.

Although wind power plants have gigantic dimensions, they are generally mass-produced products. The logistics of plant parts which are several meters large regularly becomes more difficult and time-consuming, e.g. to the Far East. So why not outsource the entire manufacturing over there and connect local added value with German know-how? With the creation of a manufacturing control system SPANGLER, in cooperation with its customer Max Bögl Wind AG, guarantees the contact for the mobile plant of the customer to the main plant in Germany.

Communication via OPC UA

Until the concrete half shells for the towers of wind power plants have been produced from the delivered steel and sand, a lot of work has to be done. Thereby, every process is documented with all data important for the process in order to achieve consistent quality. The control system communicates with all machines via seven different protocols, OPC UA among other things. After the engineering of Max Bögl Wind AG the control system was installed on the customer server and commissioned by SPANGLER. All data collected worldwide can be seen and evaluated via remote access from the head office.

Dispatch in 257 sea containers

So that the manufacturing could be dispatched, halls and machines were disassembled and distributed to 257 containers. Thereby, more than 250 cables had to be recorded and administered by SPANGLER in order to minimise unnecessary delays during the reconstruction of the mobile prefabricated component plant.

Cable laying with tablet computer

In order to be able to provide language-independent and appropriate assistance to the technicians when laying the cables, a customer-specific scanning system was developed by SPANGLER according to wishes and specifications of Max Bögl. Therefore, the technician can scan each cable via a cable barcode and then receives graphically represented on the corresponding tablet computer where, on the one hand, the cable must be connected to the source and destination and, on the other hand, over which cable paths the cable has to be laid. Furthermore, the exact connection to the respective component with additional information, e.g. the torque, is visually shown on the tablet computer. A rights and revision management was also integrated in this scanning system. Therefore, any information about the status of the cable regarding laying and connection are always retrievable.

Moreover, the scanning system was developed further especially for the logistical processing. This means that the technicians can retrieve information about the location of the container as well as the container content. You can exactly retrace which cables are located where, from which technician they have already been laid and where they were connected.

Manufacturing as assembly unit ready for dispatch
Newsletter-Machine-Data-collection- SPANGLER-Automation
Manufacturing data is collected automatically on all machines.
The setup of the mobile manufacturing profits by fast wiring.