SPANGLER Software puts the fleet on solid grounds

26.04.2017 SPANGLER Fleet Management

SPANGLER Software puts the fleet on solid grounds

Dietfurt/Töging, 26. April 2017 – Controlling big plants with software is the speciality of SPANGLER Automation in Töging. Over the long term SPANGLER wants to offer customer-tailored software aside from machine control. Recently, a new self-programmed software was brought onto the market, the Fleet Management.

Convenient administration and analysis

Starting point of the development was the notice that the administration effort increases with rising number of the vehicles. Documents and appointments which came along with the vehicles did also mount up at SPANGLER so that even more working time had to be calculated.

SPANGLER Automation Fleet Management

The new developed programme solves and simplifies many of the occurring problems and procedures. The Fleet Management can record, check and analyse vehicle data.

The integrated modules appointment management and fault management facilitate the organisation during workshop visits noticeably. The software has been tested for about 4 years in practice at SPANGLER.

After only a few months a reduction of administration effort of the vehicles was noticed, whereby vehicles could be operated more efficiently at the same time. The software from the Upper Palatinate is of interest for customers as the solution is adjusted to the requirements of smaller and medium-sized companies. For such users the software offers tailored functions. A further advantage for the customer is their close contact with the software developer.

As an attentive partner, SPANGLER is constantly interested in feedback regarding the improvement of the availability of the software. Currently, the software is available graded in three packages from 1 to 50 users but also individually adjustable to specific and own requirements. SPANGLER benefits from its familiar company culture which enables quick adjustments and close contact to the customer.

Orientation as software service provider

In future, SPANGLER will also develop software for internal and external use. Customer orders are received with great interest in Töging. “We have the competence and the specialists, and if the necessity arises, we will happily provide our service as a software developer”. summarises Managing Director Tina Lambert regarding the future-orientated areas of activity at SPANGLER.

SPANGLER Automation Fleet Management Software Solution
SPANGLER Automation Fleet Management Software Solution
SPANGLER Automation Fleet Management Cost Control
SPANGLER Automation Fleet Management Cost Control









SPANGLER Automation employs around 130 people at its headquarters in Töging in the Altmühl valley and has been a reliable partner of the national and international mechanical and plant engineering for more than 35 years. More than half of the plants produced are exported worldwide.

The medium-sized family-run company plans and engineers plant automation, programs the control technology and manufactures switch and control systems for various sectors such as environmental technology, agricultural economy, building industry, food industry, automobile industry, raw materials industry and pharmaceutical industry.
Moreover, SPANGLER carries out the start-up as well as the after-sales service of the plants.

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