Certified Quality

Certified Quality

SPANGLER – the Plus of Standards.

Spangler is an UL-listed manufacturer of control systems and thus certified, to produce plants for the North American market. A regular inspection by UL Germany guarantees a consistently high standard based on current standards.

Control cabinet construction according to UL508A

The UL508A is the relevant standard for the construction of control cabinets in North America (Industrial Control Panels). This differs fundamentally from the widely used IEC standard, as not only the plant, but also the production process is checked.  For the installation of a plant the acceptance by the AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction) is necessary. Besides control cabinets for General Use, Spangler mainly designs controls for Industrial Machinery where the NFPA79 Electrical Standard for Industrial Machinery is observed as, in addition to UL508A, there are other requirements such as door locking.

Control cabinet construction in Ex-area according to UL698A

With application in explosion-proof areas (hazardous locations), special requirements according to UL698A must be for risk avoidance. As only one of few companies in Germany, Spangler holds the extended certification and the know how to produce control cabinets for control systems of plant parts in the Ex-area.

On-site acceptance

In North America it is required by law that the local responsible authority AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction) carries out the on-site acceptance whereas in countries like in South America, the Middle East or in Asia the requirements are from the customers themselves. By marking the control cabinets with UL-listed labels, Spangler ensures a smooth process of inspection and thus avoids any delays with start-up. Spangler has nearly 20 years of experience with planning, production, certification and documentation of control systems for the North American market and offers further support with electrical planning.

Three Spangler UL specialists have concluded the MTR test (Manufacturer Technical Representative) at UL Germany and regularly take part in trainings. The examination must be repeated every three years. In this way, Spangler can guarantee consistently high quality. The specialists have already designed and produced many control systems – like for example hydrogen filling stations in the USA or sewage treatment plants in the Middle East – in accordance with UL standard.

NEC Class I Div. 1 for the Ex-area
Control cabinet in stainless steel according to UL







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Wasserstofftankstellen in den USA
Hydrogen filling stations in the USA