Versiontool – systematically organized

Versiontool – systematically organized

SPANGLER – the Plus of quality.

The SPANGLER Versiontool is a programme, completely developed in-house, to access quickly and targeted the corresponding project files during and after the creation phase of software projects. A structured filing, a well-arranged status maintenance and a clear version archive have enabled us since then a transparent administration of our projects.

In the beginning was the idea

Versiontool has its origin in the context of the company-owned innovation management. An employee presented a suggestion for improvement for a programme for structuring the filing of software projects. The idea was to remove the breeding ground for potential faults by avoiding overlaps, untransparent archiving or faulty information flows. Based on this, the SPANGLER Versiontool was created.

The programme works like a digital file. This can, similar to its real counterpart, be removed and the included documents can be viewed chronologically. During this time the project is ‘checked out’ for other users, so that no overlaps can occur. The integrated user administration provides a secure handling of sensitive customer data with which administration rights such as read or edit permission are assigned. In case the ‘file’ is open, version history, working steps, persons involved or current status in real time are presented. This saves users from long search histories, avoids additional work and simplifies further working steps. Versiontool is not only limited to files which usually are used for software projects but is also used for universal applications. The administration of wiring diagrams and lists of data points in the creation process of the Spangler control units are only two of many other application possibilities.

In use by us and our customers

For many years we at Spangler have been using exclusively Versiontool for the administration of our projects in process automation and we have continuously improved and extended it over the years. We could convince various customers of the advantages of the programme. Among other things, they implemented it for software management of production machines, bus systems of the building installation and safety engineering.

„What makes our Versiontool stand out against similar products“ says Thomas Zenk, Manager Process Automation and authorised representative at Spangler GmbH, „is, besides the cost-benefit factor, mainly our flexibility. Our programmers can consider customer requirements and can adapt the software individually. In this way we enable the best possible integration in consisting software surroundings or in the corporate networks of our customers.“

In addition to the clearly arranged presentation and the quick acquisition of information, Versiontool allows improvement of quality by efficient and perfectly coordinated work. A significant advantage which we are glad to share with our customers.

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Perfect project overview with Versiontool
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