Sewage sludge drying with High-End-Technology

Sewage sludge must not be used any longer as fertilizer; in dried form, however, it can be used very well as fuel. For this dewatering process there are special belt dryers. We programmed and produced the switch and control system for three belt drying streets.

Stadtentwässerung Mannheim (urban drainage)
modernized and expanded its sewage sludgy drying plant with three new belt dryer plants. We programmed and produced the switch and control system, inlcluding the conveyor system and exhaust air treatment.

The main control, a Siemens PLC S7-400, is also redundantly designed as the process control system Siemens SIMATIC PCS7, with which the plants are
operated per HMI.

A generously dimensioned power supply buffers as much electrical energy that all required PCs can continue their operation without any interruption in case of voltage breakdown.

The redundant system is a highly available equipment and provides in connection with the bus system a very high safety level.

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