SPANGLER – the Plus of family.

Spangler Kids Day – a great initiative that provided a unique insight into the working world of parents for the youngest members of the families.

Spangler decided to take over the care of their employees’ children for half a day because of the school holiday, on which the parents had to fulfill their professional duties. The Spangler Kids Day took already place in the past and was not only initiated to offer a special event for kids during a holiday, but for the children to get to know the working places of their parents in a relaxed atmosphere.

Success factor family

With the Kids Day, the management of Spangler stresses its strong commitment for the compatibility of work and family, which has already earned them an award as a family-friendly company from the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth.  The event offers the children the opportunity to experience their parents from a new perspective and shows the strong focus on appreciation of the family by the company.

The day started with a warm welcome of the children, a group picture and an amusing introduction game to get to know each other. Then the motivated kids prepared a healthy breakfast together with the Spangler team.  In this way, the day started with fun and a sense of community.

The highlight – save use of electricity

The highlight of the day was definitely the fascinating experiments with self-made battery cardboard figures. Two apprentices, who are currently doing an apprenticeship to become an electronic technician in automation and systems technology, instructed the kids and explained the experiments.

As in real working life, the findings were checked and then recorded. This practical learning emphasizes Spangler’s commitment to support the training, especially in the natural scientific field.

Inspiring future experts

The Spangler Kids Day ended with another highlight, when the kids visited their parents‘ workplaces and gained a first insight into their daily working lives. This initiative stresses Spangler‘s goal, not only to show the parents their appreciation, but also introduce the children to the possible workplace of tomorrow.

Children and Spangler team
Workplace exploration in manufacturing
Insights in the daily work







Visiting daddy’s workplace
Power kids with lot of fun