Electrical technology for data transmission of the pump stations

With the aim to monitor 17 pump stations to the sewage treatment plant Dietfurt a.d. Altmühl centrally and automatized, we have retrofitted a large remote maintenance system and implemented it into the existing control system of the sewage treatment plant.

As the pump stations cannot be controlled every day,
a warning and data transfer system was required. We have retrofitted every pump station with a Siemens S7 1214C control system and a remote maintenance modem for data transfer and connected it to the implemented control system.

All measured values and data, like levels, operating hours of the plants or fault messages are transferred to the central PC of the sewage treatment plant, registered and shown, clearly arranged and intuitively operable, via our visualisation. In addition to that, a power monitoring of the pumps provides information about power consumption and the mechanical state of the pump wheels.