Newsletter May 2022

Pioneer for Hydrogen


SPANGLER – the Plus of engineering.

Hydrogen is one of the most promising alternative energy sources, also in the automotive sector. Linde Engineering has developed a unique hydrogen fuelling station, based on liquid hydrogen supply (LH2) which is applied in USA. Spangler was responsible for the electrotechnical conception of the prototype as well as further development to series production.

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Automation as a contribution to the phase-out of coal


SPANGLER – the Plus of use of resources.

In order to achieve the generally defined goal of phasing out coal and due to the amendment of the sewage sludge regulation, the combustion of sewage sludge instead of coal as a fuel is a good alternative. For this reason, two belt dryers with a yearly capacity of 80.000 tons were installed at a plant of an energy provider for increase of capacity. SPANGLER Automation planned, produced and programmed the automation technology on behalf of HUBER SE Berching.

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Customer Training with depth


SPANGLER – the Plus of safety.

Anyone who works in enclosed rooms of waste water treatment plants may be exposed to many underestimated hazards. These must be identified at an early stage so that accidents do not occur at all. From the equipment to entry protection and hazards from gases or oxygen deficiency. In order to ensure our employees‘ safety, Spangler regularly carries out safety trainings. 

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Safe in business


SPANGLER – the Plus of occupational safety.

Healthy and attractive workplaces have always been a corporate goal for Spangler. This was further emphasized with the introduction of an occupational health and safety system.

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Successful operational training


SPANGLER – the Plus of apprenticeship.

Five apprentices have successfully completed their apprenticeship at Spangler in Töging and start with responsible positions.

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