Grains for the world

Large parts of the Ukraine and Romania have always been considered as the breadbasket of Europe. SPANGLER Automation has installed a grain management system in Romania to simplify storage and transport.

In the breadbasket of Europe

The Ukraine – the third largest grain exporter worldwide – and Romania produce about 60 million tons of grain annually. These enormous amounts are gathered centrally and then transported by ship, lorry or rail to their destinations.

1,600 tons per hour

To monitor the stored and moved quantities, we have installed measuring stations in 32 silos and have interconnected them via a central control unit. Similarly, automated conveyor belts can accurately distribute a total of 1,600 tons of grain per hour to transport vehicles that are standing by. Flow meters and sensors control the load quantities to avoid overloading the vehicles.
The plant, with an energy consumption of 4,400 kW per hour and a total of 45 control panel sections, is visualised through our control system and can thus be easily operated.

Explosive management

When grain is to be transported, there is always the risk of a dust explosion in the air. Therefore, we already had to demonstrate appropriate security measures during the project planning. Therefore, in addition to other parameters, the sensors installed in the silos always measure the temperature of the grain and immediately turn off the system if excessive temperatures are registered.