Drying of sewage sludge Germany

To achieve the goal of phasing out coal, more and more dried sewage sludge is used as a fuel. For a German power supplier, we have planned, produced and programmed the automation technology for the drying plant.

Hydrogen fuelling station USA

Linde Engineering has developed a unique hydrogen fuelling station, based on liquid hydrogen supply (LH2). We have carried out the electrotechnical conception for the control of the pumps and the fuelling process.

Recovery of energy and phosphorus

For the new disintegration plant which had to be installed at the sewage treatment plant Göppingen, we as a long-term provider of control systems, took over programming and visual illustration of all process flows.

Hydrogen from wind energy

H-TEC SYSTEMS GmbH develops and builds electrolysers (PEM process), which convert green electricity with an efficiency of up to 95 % into hydrogen. We design, program and visualize the switch system with the control system and the process surface for this serial project.  

Reference examples from renewable energies