Cold shock for the ground

In special civil engineering and tunnel construction works statically there must be no uncertain building conditions. Our automated control units for ground freezing plants significantly contribute to the protection of buildings.

This process of freezing and working with frozen ground is monitored by hundreds of measurements. Different sensors determine the data such as temperature, pressure and flow. These form the basis for calculating and evaluating the condition of the frozen ground. Our control system reliably controls the large volumes of data and visualises them. Construction projects in Munich (Marienplatz), Berlin (Museum Island) and Rotterdam are well-known examples of successful use.

In connection with the data recording and visualisation, focus is placed on the safety of the above-ground and adjoining buildings with its inhabitants and building contractors. In the case of irregularities, a comprehensive alarm system is activated.

In addition, the planning and project management adapted to special requirement, in connection with high-quality components, ensure long life of the systems with low maintenance.