Cold shock for solid ground

Civil engineering works in a metropolis literally dig the ground from under people's feet and underneath buildings. Nothing may slide or sway; the damage would be immeasurable. The automated controllers for ground freezing systems from SPANGLER have already contributed numerous times to the protection of buildings.

Fight the loose rock

Loose soil is the terror of all tunnel builders. Crumbling rock causes delays in construction work and leads to cavities underground with the corresponding threat to buildings at the surface. To make the ground firmer and impermeable to water, the loose soil is cooled to minus 70 degrees.

Safety for buildings of historic importance

This unusual process is preceded by hundreds of measurements. Probes and sensors determine the data which forms the basis for calculating the ground condition. The control system from SPANGLER Automation controls the large volumes of data and analyses them. Construction projects in Munich (Mariensteig), Berlin (Museum Island) and Rotterdam are well-known examples of successful use.

Protection for staff

As part of this data acquisition and analysis, focus is placed on the safety of the buildings above-ground. In the case of irregularities, a comprehensive alarm system is activated. In addition, the coordinated planning and project management, in connection with high-quality components, ensure long life of the system with low maintenance.

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