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05.08.2014 SPANGLER discussing Internationality

Interview with Luis Moscardi and Hannelore Spangler

The Plus of Internationality becomes more and more important at SPANGLER Automation.  

Not only are the orders from all over the world, but the employees as well. Which reasons are there for experts from abroad to gain foothold in a medium-sized company like SPANGLER Automation? How does SPANGLER Automation profit from international staff? What does the company SPANGLER Automation expect from international experts? What is needed for a long term win-win-situation? And how does the company based in Töging find qualified employees with international backgrounds? Today, we will pursue these questions. We have arranghannelore_spangler_und_luis_moscardi_spangler_automationed an interview with Luis Moscardi, Electrical Engineer from Uruguay and Hannelore Spangler, Managing Director SPANGLER Automation. In the meeting room of SPANGLER Automation in Töging, we meet Mr Moscardi, who warmly welcomes us in an open, friendly way. Hannelore Spangler looks forward to presenting the topic “International employees at SPANGLER”.



Mr Moscardi, how did you come in touch with the company SPANGLER Automation and how did it result in an employment?

At the fair Connecta 2012 in the University of Regensburg, I saw the company and even had a first conversation at its stand. As the company SPANGLER has already had contact with my mentor Professor Scharfenberg, faculty electrical and information technology OTH Regensburg, for a long time, I found him as my active intercessor.

Grown up in Uruguay in South America, you came to Spain at the age of 20. There, you have studied 3 years at the university in Valencia. An ERASMUS scholarship then gave you the opportunity to spend your last semester in Germany.

Why did you choose to finish your study in Germany and even start your work life here?

The technical standards in Germany are very high and continue to develop fast. I myself would like to continually improve my knowledge and to be at the pulse of time. The company SPANGLER in Germany offers me the opportunity to grow actively.

You have just mentioned your current employer SPANGLER Automation. Why is SPANGLER Automation an attractive employer for you?

I was impressed that even my wife was invited to come with me to my job interview in Töging. In my opinion, that speaks for the company. The social life is very important in the SPANGLER family. After about a year, I can definitely confirm that. Besides interesting and changing activities in the Process Automation Department, SPANGLER offers me a long term perspective in an international area.

Naturally, we are interested in the language barrier in your case. How did you deal with that? How did the company support you?

I started at SPANGLER with good English knowledge and basic knowledge in German. From the beginning on, I tried to speak German as much as possible and to switch to English only in exceptional cases. As I am planning to stay in this country for longer, its language is, in my opinion, the key to a successful career and to social integration. SPANGLER gave, and still gives me time to amend to my new job and to get used to the language. This is no matter of course and that is why I appreciate it even more.

Mr Moscardi, how can we imagine your everyday job at SPANGLER?

Actually, there is no everyday job. Every day comes with different tasks and new challenges. There are activities like planning, programming, start-ups of plants, trainings, meetings with customers, and final in-house inspections changing from day to day. Quite often, I am on site at our customer’s, what I enjoy very much. Since I work for SPANGLER, my job has leaded me to Austria, Poland, Russia, Norway, Serbia, and Spain.

It seems that SPANGLER was quite a lucky catch for Mr Moscardi. How would you consider this from the company’s side of view? Which reasons are there for you, Ms Spangler, to employ more and more people from abroad? Is it not easier to recruit native speakers?

At SPANGLER Automation, everyone gets the chance for a work place with future prospects. The origin is not that important, more are the expert knowledge, methodical skills and a high social competence. In other words: An employee has to suit us, professionally as well as socially. And if someone can offer an international background, we, as worldwide trading company, are even more delighted.

Mr Moscardi works for your company for more than a year now. Which experiences could you make in this time? Which challenges were there for SPANGLER?

luis_moscardi_schaltschrank_spangler_automationMr Moscardi is a motivated and open-minded young man, who is able to organise nearly everything on his own. Only now and then we had to support him in some administrative or bureaucratic processes. The phase of adjustment to the new job was for Mr Moscardi like for everyone else, maybe only slightly more exhausting due to some language difficulties. Neither professional nor cultural problems occurred. Furthermore, he has been integrated well in the staff. It has been a pleasure to see how he was welcomed warmly and supported when needed. We always try to take on a long term commitment with our employees as their know-how and experiences are the most important aspects for us. This is, naturally, not only significant for Mr Moscardi and our other international employees, but for the entire staff. In Mr Moscardi’s case, we wished to bring his wife to Töging as well in order to enable a long term basis in private life as well. By lucky chance, we are glad to say that Ms Valero (Mr Moscardi’s wife) also works for our company now. We aim for “individual perspectives”. We keep close contact to our employees and try to support everyone individually. Some of our employees from abroad regularly have intensive language training. As we are based in Töging at the Altmühl, one or another lesson in Bavarian is obligatory as well.

Quality in demand worldwide, reliability and innovation capacity – some facts about SPANGLER Automation:

The medium-sized family business based in Töging in the Altmühltal is employing about 130 people at present und has been a reliable partner of the international machines constructions and plant engineerings. More than 50 % of the plants manufactured by SPANGLER will be exported. Our automation solutions are in demand worldwide. We will plan, program and produce it for you! Our customers are from different sectors such as the environmental technology, agricultural economics, building-, food-, automobile, raw materials and pharmaceutical industry. Moreover SPANGLER carries out the start up as well as the after-sales-service of the switch and control cabinets.

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