Batteries tested precisely

Batteries tested precisely

Spangler – the Plus of Future technology

The development of electromobility, either in the private sector or in public transport, is getting more and more important as regards the compliance of emission targets. In order to be able to develop busses, trains, scooters and even planes, powerful control cabinets simulate both the power sources, but also the energy consumers. Spangler produced such a test cabinet for a customer with which batteries can be tested.

Exceptional challenges
In order to guarantee an ideal test result, Spangler installed two supply units with electrical power of each 15kW. What is particular of the power supply units is that they not only serve as power source, but they can also simulate current collectors und for this they are designed in a bidirectional way. The Spangler engineers had to face the challenge to cool both supply units with a total performance of a heat of 30kW. In order to realise this ventilation slots at various places were planned and supported in advance by calculations of the electrical power dissipation with a 3D model.

Direct current instead of alternating current
Another challenge of this project was the built-in direct current technology for currents of up to 280 Ampere. Especially the high performance was the reason that no standard products could be built in. Thanks to the extensive contacts to producers of components and the know-how of Spangler, all necessary components for the required performance could be dimensioned and installed in the direct current range.

Control via the power supply unit
The complete control of the cabinet is taken over by these two power supply units. The system is connected to the SCADA system of the customer as well via these units which controls the whole testing station and change settings. Spangler planned and constructed this control cabinet within less than two months. Still during production the performance level was increased from c to d in agreement with the customer.

As a proof for the world-wide interest in electromobility follow-up orders and similar projects are waiting for Spangler.

Electric bus in the historical old town of Regensburg (source: Stadt Regensburg)
Special direct current technology in the plant