Safe in business

Safe in business

SPANGLER – the Plus of occupational safety.

Healthy and attractive workplaces have always been a corporate goal for Spangler. This was further emphasized with the introduction of an occupational health and safety system.

Close relation to practice
After profound research it was finally decided to introduce the Occupational Health- and Risk-Management System (OHRIS) of the Bavarian State Government. The main factors for the choice were the close practical relevance and the feasibility which is also designed for medium-sized companies like Spangler.

Quick implementation
Spangler was supported by the certifying body of the labour inspectorate of the district government of Upper Palatinate in Regensburg. A project team was formed at Spangler that was composed of experts of various department. In many cases it was possible to profit from existing knowledge from other certificates, for example quality management standard ISO 9001. This was the reasons why the certification was carried out in the short time of a quarter. The labour inspectorate placed its focus on occupational safety and health protection at Spangler. In order to improve this, new research results from the fields of ergonomics and prevention were incorporated. With the reward of the OHRIS:2018 certificate, Spangler has since then met the requirement of DIN ISO 45001:2018.

Signal effect for the future
Spangler hopes that the certificate will have a signal effect for the future. Particularly with regard to the employees a significant increase in the quality of the workplace is expected due to the further increase in occupational health and safety.  Furthermore, the internationally accepted OHRIS certificate strengthens the trust between Spangler and its customers and opens new doors for offers which require an occupational health and safety management system.


OHRIS stands for Occupational Health- and Risk-Managementsystem
Employee reward for accident prevention as part of OHRIS