Certified strong networks

Certified strong networks

Spangler Automation – the Plus of Networking.

As a long-time Siemens Solution Partner for Advanced Factory Automation, Spangler additionally was certified for the Siemens area of Industrial Strength Networks. Spangler is one of five South German automation suppliers of the currently only 27 partners in Germany that have this demanding certificate.

Two worlds in one plant
Modern plants are often empowered by industrial network technology to communicate and work in a network group. The conventional office network technology (IT world), however, considerably differs from the technology which is applied in control systems in the OT world (operational technology). Spangler has established important competences in network technology by intensive and regular training courses for employees and an increasing number of projects.

Many advantages for Spangler customers
In the age of IIot (Industrial Internet of Things) the requirement to the industrial network increases by the constantly growing number of devices and their different demands and protocols.

Customers and plant operators benefit directly from the increased plant safety by redundancy protocols of network components. Spangler integrates a professional network design including the infrastructure construction into the planning phase right from the beginning, especially with view to the increasing number of data throughputs which these plants can realise in future.

Spangler further develops its broad knowledge base to be able to realise projects of the latest generation. Plants for the future must be prepared already today to be networked with IIoT.

Thomas Zenk at Simens Solution panel discussion in Zeulenroda
Spangler Certificate for Industrial Networks