Flow monitoring – Clamped on and recognized the leakage

A lingering loss of water in the piping system is the fear of every water system caretaker.

SPANGLER Automation has now enhanced a flow measurement system which can be installed on the outside of a pipe and sends data to a SCADA system.

Small leaks in a water pipe can have huge effects: they remain undiscovered for a long time, hundreds of cubic meters of drinking water seep unnoticed into the ground. SPANGLER has now installed a flow measurement system in Haidhof, a district of Riedenburg in the Altmühl valley, which is attached to the pipe from the outside with clamp-on technology. SPANGLER has installed the required control engineering in a small weatherproof control cabinet and directly located it at the installation site. Explaining the advantages, Franz Achhammer says: “In contrast to a flow meter integrated in the pipe system, the pipe only has to be uncovered and no longer separated and welded again. The time and cost savings are considerable”.

Water and costs saved

Depending on pipe diameter, wall thickness and flow velocity, the system calculates the flow rate and transmits the measurement data per UMTS in a two-minute interval to the control system of the waterworks. Based on the calculated characteristic, both an uncontrolled flow rate and the section of the leakage can be determined. In addition, the required “zero flow” is clearly shown which makes every water system caretaker smile. In Haidhof it was possible to notice two leaks within two days through which approximately 100 cubic meters of valuable drinking water were wasted.

Your contact: Franz Achhammer, Key Account Sales

Added value:

  •             Favourable installation costs
  •             Low installation effort
  •             Permanent control
  •             No unnecessary loss of water
  •             No additional operating costs


Flow measurement system installed on the outside of a pipe
Flow measurement system installed on the outside of a pipe
Control engineering in a weatherproof control cabinet
Control engineering in a weatherproof control cabinet








Product sheet – flow monitoring (218 KB)