Newsletter 2017

You live and learn

SPANGLER – the Plus of Training.

It takes up to 22 hours for SPANGLER employees to travel to a customer, for example in South America. However, the journey of a customer to our company also takes a lot of time. Nevertheless, SPANGLER does not accept this expense without any reason. Due to the distribution of the plants worldwide, the training courses for SPANGLER solutions also needs to be organised all over the world. A training programme is offered for plant operators, employees in the sales department, service personnel and customers worldwide.

Comprehensive training programme

The range of the know-how gained through the training is long: Basic training courses should give an understanding about basics such as the reading of wiring diagrams as well as the individual components in control systems and their functions. However, in a training plan offered depending on the participants advanced operators can be further trained, too. The training contents range from troubleshooting and error correction, parameterization, grounding concept, the effects of environmental conditions to the characteristics of hazardous plants. The aim is to fully exploit the potential of the plants.

Local and digital

Especially sensitive industrial plants but also plants such as waste water treatment plants or waterworks which are important for the population can rarely be without employees for several days. In Töging comprehensive measures were taken to guarantee those customers access to the training programme. A range of support videos were created for problems which can be easily solved. These videos are continuously updated. Thanks to Skype the journey reduces itself to a simple push of a button. SPANGLER offers Skype, on-site training courses and service videos parallel to each other. Therefore, the training can be tailored to all customers depending on the expense as well as the costs.

Training local at SPANGLER in Töging
Local training at SPANGLER in Töging
SPANGLER Key Account Manager in South America
SPANGLER Key Account Manager in South America