Newsletter December 2015

Success at the trade fair

SPANGLER – the Plus of Energy Management.

The conscious use of energy saves resources, reduces costs and creates a good image. The basis for this is making the energy flow visible and thereby ensuring that distribution and usage can be controlled. This creates a transparency that reveals potential savings in terms of resource conservation and cost reduction.

In order to structure the necessary measures and processes more clearly and organise them more smoothly, SPANGLER Automation has now developed an energy management system. The parameters are determined individually with each client, so that they can deliberately explore, implement and monitor potential savings for their specific operating conditions.

The energy management system records the necessary data, analyses and displays it graphically. For this purpose, SPANGLER has integrated an ISO 50001-certified software system solution into the client’s existing software architecture, from which data and measured values can also flow into the energy management and be evaluated. Thus the effects of efficiency-enhancing measures are immediately visible.

DWA Bavarian Regional Conference

Helmut Graspointner and Hubert Rackl presented SPANGLER’s new software system solution to the DWA Bavarian Regional Conference.

Hubert Rackl explained: “The fair visitors showed great interest in what is an individual and efficient solution that takes into account both economic and climate-friendly aspects. At our stand and at the numerous presentations, we were able to have interesting conversations and establish new contacts.”

Helmut Graspointner and Hubert Rackl at the DWA
Energy management: SPANGLER software system solution