Newsletter December 2015

Controlled influx

SPANGLER – the Plus of Accuracy.

The Central WWTP Chemnitz receives several deliveries of faecal matter from the surrounding villages every day. Fees must be paid according to the amount and composition of the faecal mass, paid by the waste management company per load. Until now, the drivers have recorded the data to the best of their knowledge on a piece of paper and handed it over. So that nothing is left to chance in the future and to automate data collection, the operator has now installed three SPANGLER Identification and Measurement Systems of type SIMS 04.2.

Checked limits

The driver is identified by means of a contactless card or a chip on a code-card reader. The PC-based system checks the access authorisation and, as appropriate, approves the delivery. The computer evaluates the acquired basic data, such as pH value, conductivity or flow quantity, calculates the basis for the assessment of fees and compares the measured values with defined limits. “If the latter are exceeded, the delivery is halted”, project leader Anton Höcker explains. Due to the integrated measuring equipment, SPANGLER Automation was awarded the associated delivery and installation contract for the pipeline to the sewage treatment facility.

Delivery of materials occurs with every major plant. The SPANGLER SIMS system can be adapted to any application, meaning that it can be used for the reception of raw materials and for production facilities.

SPANGLER Identification an Measurement System (SIMS)
Faecal matter being delivered to Chemnitz central wastewater treatment plant