Newsletter July 2015

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SPANGLER – the Plus of Success.

Holding shares in the company, being actively involved in its success and at the same time being part of it. It was from this perspective that SPANGLER introduced profit-participation rights for its employees in 2011 – and with a good response: more than half of all employees have got involved in this model of wealth creation.

But what are “profit-participation rights”? In legal terms, the employee acquires a right, following a financial contribution, to directly share in the business success of the company. In the case of SPANGLER, employees pay an amount into a fund every year for four years, whilst the company matches this every year over the same period.

Fulfilling a wish

The amount has interest paid on it every year, with the amount of interest based on the one hand on the hours worked by the employee and, on the other, on the operating margin of the company. Managing Director Hannelore Spangler described the principle thus: “Personal commitment and the success of the company therefore have an immediate impact on earnings”. This interest income is paid out each year.

The four-year term of the fund does not, however, mean that there is an annual commitment. Both the company and the employee can decide whether profit-participation rights are to be issued or subscribed each year. This year was the first time dividends had been paid out from the fund. In this way, maybe one or two wishes will come true: the long-awaited new mountain bike, a nice holiday or a visit to a Formula 1 race, for example. Or maybe a good bottle of wine…

The success of SPANGLER profit-participation rights
The success of SPANGLER profit-participation rights