Newsletter July 2015

Ideas are in demand

SPANGLER – the Plus of Innovation.

Being active is the key to good health. This old piece of popular wisdom is still true nowadays, and not only in terms of your health. Remaining active is also required for exploring new ideas and solutions. SPANGLER has already involved its employees in this process via an internal suggestion scheme, as well as its customers through special workshops.

Now the company has gone one step further and has created a platform on which virtually anyone can present their own ideas to SPANGLER’s innovation process. “We want to complement our traditional development work with ‘open innovation’,” explained Spangler Managing Director Tina Lambert, “because innovations are similar to paintings: if you stand right in front of a picture, you often focus on the detail – you can see the big picture best when you take a few steps back.”

SPANGLER hopes this “open innovation” will appeal to all groups of people connected with the company: customers, suppliers and neighbours, for example, figures in the public eye and employees’ friends.

The path towards being an “innovator” is very simple: the person with the idea opens a form from the SPANGLER website’s “Open Innovation” section, submits their ideas and contact information and sends it to the company. The file ends up right on the screen of the Innovation Manager, Franz Wittmann, who specifically looks after internal and external ideas and impulses. By way of a direct thank-you there is a personal letter and a Kinder Surprise, and if the suggestion is a particularly valuable one, more thanks will follow. We look forward to reading your ideas:

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SPANGLER Innovation management
SPANGLER Innovation management