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Double is better


SPANGLER – the Plus of Safety.

The mining of metal ores is a cleaning-intensive process. Take, for example, the large, open-pit Cerro Verde mine near the Peruvian city of Arequipa. The copper mine, first worked in the mid-19th century, is being modernised and expanded.

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Controlled influx


SPANGLER – the Plus of Accuracy.

The Central WWTP Chemnitz receives several deliveries of faecal matter from the surrounding villages every day. Fees must be paid according to the amount and composition of the faecal mass, paid by the waste management company per load.

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All about the potato


SPANGLER – the Plus of Reliability.

The Neumarkt-based German company Burgis GmbH processes around 28,000 tonnes of potatoes a year for their potato specialities which are meanwhile nationally famous. Burgis relies in this respect on a high-quality, regional commodity from Bavaria.

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Accelerated pickling bath


SPANGLER – the Plus of Retrofitting.

Stainless-steel processing requires a clean surface. To achieve this, machined stainless steel is usually pickled in acid baths. All ferritic particles and the weld heat tinting are removed

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Success at the trade fair


SPANGLER – the Plus of Energy Management.

The conscious use of energy saves resources, reduces costs and creates a good image. The basis for this is making the energy flow visible and thereby ensuring that distribution and usage can be controlled.

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Serving the wind energy sector

Manufacturing concrete segments for wind turbines, Osterrönfeld; Source: Max Bögl Wind AG

SPANGLER – the Plus of Efficiency.

In Osterrönfeld, near Rendsburg in Schleswig-Holstein, directly on the Kiel Canal, the Max Bögl group has built a new production facility for concrete shells and concrete rings, from which System Max Bögl hybrid towers can be used to make wind turbines.

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A visionary product

EasyPanel distribution cabinet

SPANGLER – the Plus of e-commerce.

Building distribution cabinets is a task reliant on the innate expertise of the electrician, but their everyday work often means that they don’t have time for this time-consuming job. Now SPANGLER Automation can also help in this case, as the company has acquired the licence for Easy Panel, a web-based software program for distribution-cabinet configuration.

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Fair long-term business relations

Visualisation Water treatment plant Burgkirchen

SPANGLER – the Plus of Constancy.

Confidence is the basis for a successful long-term partnership. SPANGLER is interested in building such partnerships and therefore, the company clearly stands up for this aim in its mission statement “SPANGLER – the Plus of Partnership.”.

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Ideas are in demand

Icon newsletter-Open Innovation-SPANGLER-Automation

SPANGLER – the Plus of Innovation.

Being active is the key to good health. This old piece of popular wisdom is still true nowadays, and not only in terms of your health. Remaining active is also required for exploring new ideas and solutions.

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Enjoy service and benefits

The success of SPANGLER profit-participation rights

SPANGLER – the Plus of Success.

Holding shares in the company, being actively involved in its success and at the same time being part of it. It was from this perspective that SPANGLER introduced profit-participation rights for its employees in 2011 –

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SPANGLER Software for Industry 4.0


SPANGLER – the Plus of Customer Benefits.

SPANGLER Automation has developed a software system for the more efficient use of machine data for a supplier to the automotive industry. The company produces pressed parts for bodywork construction, in a plant in Hungary amongst other places. The aim was to balance out production figures which were in some cases widely divergent. 

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Treatment Plant Makes Sewage Sand Usable


SPANGLER – the Plus of Sustainability.

In the past year, the city of Frankfurt has added a treatment plant for sewage sand to one of its waste water treatment plants in the Niederrad district. SPANGLER Automation designed and installed the switchgears for this, as well as the lighting and monitoring system. The new plant was put into operation at the end of 2014.

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Biogas by iPad


SPANGLER – the Plus of the Future.

In a record period of seven months (May to December 2014), SPANGLER achieved the automation of a new biogas plant in Dessau – from detailed engineering to SPS programming, control system creation, production, complete installation and finally commissioning. In addition to the planning and project development of twelve

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Bavarian State Medal for Hannelore Spangler


SPANGLER – the Plus of Care.

Whether it is the wishes of the customers or the welfare of the employees – people are always at the focus for Hannelore Spangler. The Managing Director of SPANGLER Automation has received a lot of recognition for, on this basis, successfully positioning the family company on the international stage, constantly opening up new market opportunities,

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SPANGLER Automation with a New Website


SPANGLER – the Plus on the Internet.

Since the start of March, the website of SPANGLER Automation has had a new design and new contents. The most important are: under the heading “Projects”, the company presents reports from every sector whose solutions and processes

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A good tradition: Reception at the IFAT

SPANGLER – the Plus of Hospitality.

7th May 2014, Messe München (Munich Trade Fair Centre), Hall Prinzregent, 18.00 hrs: The Bavarian reception with SPANGLER Automation is a fixed date within the scope of the biennial IFAT. A relaxed meeting without an official programme, and informal discussions along with live music and Bavarian delicacies.

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Occupational safety below ground

SPANGLER – the Plus of Safety.

Work underground does not only mean mining. The drilling of underground pipes is no less strenuous than mining mineral resources; as with conventional tunnel drilling machines with so called “open shields” the machine operator sits directly in the drill head. Only there do they have a full overview, however they are exposed to high temperatures, dust or even flying particles from the degraded ground.

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Safety for the foodstuffs industry

SPANGLER – the Plus of Hygiene.

The framework conditions of the foodstuffs industry are extremely demanding: the handling of foodstuffs requires absolute hygiene and precision, and the industrial mass production stipulates reliability and safety.

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Management circle expanded

SPANGLER – the Plus of Continuity.

It was made official on 1st January 2014: Tina Lambert has been appointed to the Management of SPANGLER GMBH as of the beginning of the year. The daughter of Hannelore and Franz Spangler has been engaged in the family business for ten years now, and is responsible for the areas of Purchasing, Marketing and Public Relations, and subjects to do with strategic corporate development.

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TIA Portal: New solutions for Siemens platform

SPANGLER – the Plus of Reliability.

SPANGLER Automation has systematically prepared itself for the use of the new engineering platform by Siemens. Since 2009, the Dietfurt software specialists have systematically inspected the TIA (Totally Integrated Automation) portal in its application as a beta tester and orientated this to customer requirements.

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